State of the Gale 2021

2021 is on the horizon guys. We’re so close to leaving this year in the dust. At last. Here’s to hoping 2021 is a much better year for all of us!

To update y’all on what next year looks like, I need to drop the bad(?) news that’s been looming for a bit. The webcomic is, officially, on indefinite hiatus. I don’t want to say cancelled because there is a greater-than-zero percent chance I revive it, but as it stands now, I don’t have the spoons for it.

I learned a lot and my art improved dramatically over the course of creating the webcomic, but my mental and physical health suffered as a result. Drawing is not an easy task for me. Of course, art isn’t easy for anyone, but it’s more anxiety-inducing than relaxing to do it as what is effectively a second job.

If I did pick the comic back up, it would probably be in a different format (hybrid prose+webtoon format?) and/or I would prefer to hire an artist as the primary illustrator. With the significant pay cut I took this year, that’s not viable for me right now.

As for the good news, as I mentioned in the last Patron post, I’m very close to being able to send Galebound the novel to an agent. It took me longer than I would have liked (because 2020 is a gift that keeps on giving), but I’m currently aiming to send a query to at least one agent starting the first week of January. I’m writing this before Christmas, but I’m hoping to be touching up the final line edits by the time this post is published.

Once GB is sent off to agents, I’ll be starting Daemonborne, which Patrons will have access to. And, although I don’t have the stamina to continue working on the comic, I do have some illustrations planned to accompany various scenes in Galebound, which Patrons will have early access to (unless the illustration is spoilery in which case it’ll be Patron-exclusive until the book is out).

Thank you for sticking around through the relative silence. I’m excited to have Galebound finished soon and for this story to, finally, be out!

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