Galebound Update

Probably gonna be a little short on this one because I made the grand mistake of mucking around with a notoriously complicated WordPress plugin for the author site today (Hint: check out the store page on Syne Stories). But it is May 15th, and that means y’all are due an update.

So, for those of you who remember me dropping the comic to work on the novel, the question is, “How is the novel coming?”

And the answer is: it’s coming great.

In a way, it’s sorta finished!

The goal was to get what I’m currently calling the Main Quest of the story complete, and that finished shortly before Easter (which, I’m told, was very appropriate timing for how the story ends). The full Main Quest is currently available for Patron beta readers over on Patreon.

If you know me you know I’m not a fan of plugging the financial support sites, but I am keeping the draft paywall’d for now because I intend to publish the novel, and hopefully very soon.

On that note, the novel isn’t finished. As the chapters went up, I got some feedback regarding pacing in some scenes and some characters who were missing crucial character-building time. My developmental editor and I agree that those scenes are needed, so I’m currently working on adding those in (Main Quest, meet Side Quests). With that, I’m adding an estimated 15k words onto the novel, giving myself an extended deadline of June 4th.

(Why June 4th? PitMad!)

So that’s where we’re at. On top of writing the extra scenes, I’m also working with a developmental editor and trying very hard to not distract myself with rewrites based on her recommendations before I’m done writing the Side Quests (Hear, Obey, Defy is going to go through the grinder).

After that, I’m planning on pitching to agents. I’m on the fence about traditional vs self-publishing, and leaning towards self-publishing at the moment due to the amount of input I want on the process, but I’m going to try pitching to a agents first to not shut that door entirely.

What happens after that depends on whether I send Galebound to a traditional publishing house or self-publish. So we’ll find out.

That’s where we’re at! Thank you for your patience and for your support as I get this book out!

Galebound cover mockup
Galebound cover mockup? :3c

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