Conan Renaud is a stable master and that’s all he wants from life. And, maybe, to survive to see home again. When he’s kidnapped from his home and targeted by a king’s assassins, Conan begrudgingly makes a deal with his captor, the vindictive Magician Din Duvent. Din needs Conan’s help to overthrow the same monarchy that wants him dead.

Wanting no part in Din’s coup d’état beyond saving his own life, Conan tries to escape and accidentally orders Din’s sibling, Pascal, to die—and Pascal obliges. Scrambling to undo his command, Conan learns of his power as a Noble, a person who can restrict Magicians’ free will in binding Obligations.

Galebound is a gaslamp romantic fantasy novel currently in the query stage.


A short story set in the Galebreaker universe.

Pyreflowers are a way to remember the deceased, but people often forget their true purpose—to allow souls to rejoin the cycle of life and reincarnation. But not everyone gets a pyreflower in time. Sometimes the soul can’t escape the body as it’s left alone to rot.

Allen and Lea, a Magician and Noble pair, work as exorcists. Tasked with removing a daemonized soul from an abandoned house, they run into trouble when painful memories resurface.

Necessity is free to read on Inkitt and on

Warning: Strong Language.

Future Planned Projects


The planned prequel to Galebound and the second book in the Galebreaker Trilogy, following Alain Duvent and Éduin Aster in the year leading up to the creation of the Gale—and their journey five years later as they work to save their kingdom’s shattered remains.


The planned sequel to Galebound and the third book in the Galebreaker Trilogy, following a new set of characters navigating the changed world. Annie, with her girlfriend Colette and their new friend(?) Theo, uncover a plan to destroy the Gale…but stopping that plan may just make things worse.

The Lonely Knife

The sequel to “Necessity”. A year later, Allen has yet to find a clue to the missing person he seeks—until a woman appears at the shrine with a deal. In exchange for one exorcism, Allen will gain access to the greatest information network on Dusk. Taking Lea as his partner, Allen agrees, but this castle’s ghost is different from any they’ve dealt with before.


The Memoria Magnus: one who has passed through Raven’s domain (read: died), merging their memories with those of the deceased, but through some trick of fate or circumstance came back to life. Shay is one such person, but there’s a problem: his sudden appearance out of the sky and subsequent fall through the roof of a barn wiped his memories—all of them. As he recovers, Shay’s lost memories manifest as visions of the future, but that’s backwards, isn’t it? How can one “remember” the future?

Joined by a cynical mage harboring his own demons, Shay embarks on a quest to save the future from its prophesied doom…and from himself.