2022 Update

Gonna be kind of a short update since I left all my spoons in 2020.

Galebound is still a thing! After thirty-one agent rejections, I had to recollect my self-esteem and buckle up for editing in preparation for self-publishing. I finished my editing passes and sent out queries looking for a line editor. Instead, I found an absolutely amazing developmental editor and an opportunity I would be a fool to pass up.

I don’t know what the future will be for Galebound‘s publishing after this, except that it will happen one way or another. I think this experience will reopen the door to traditional publishing. I plan on re-querying some choice agents after the developmental editing process, or maybe I’ll try for the Author Mentor Match again. In either case, I hope to have a much stronger idea of where GB fits into the market.

I also disabled my Patreon creator page. I had pledges on pause for a long time and, at this point, I don’t foresee continuing posts on Patreon as I had been. I’ll likely still share future projects with the patrons who had been active on Discord, as many of them have grown to be dear friends. The Discord server itself will change once the book is actually published to support discussion and fan content.

Anyway, be kind to each other in these tumultuous times. Fight for change with love in your hearts.

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