New Site!

Well, I was going to hold off on this for a couple more months, but given the downtime the last couple days…Eh, no harm in doing this now I suppose.

Welcome to the new site!

With the fall of Smack Jeeves in December, I had to move Galebound off to its secondary mirror on Comic Fury. But that left me with no backup and like a proper System Administrator that felt no bueno. This site you’re seeing here is running on my personal VPS, and the plan is to make this the main site for Galebound going forward, and Comic Fury’s mirror as the backup.

*Although, given this is running on my own VPS and I’m a sadmin, I would hope there’s no need for a backup, but…y’know. Keep backups, folks!

If you’re just here for the comic (hello, returning readers, I miss you and I’ll be back to the comic once the novel’s done <3), feel free to update your bookmarks to The RSS should automatically link to the correct RSS feed from

If you’re new, feel free to poke around. In short, this is the portal site for the Galebound series, which is a collection of fantasy novels, webcomics, and short stories taking place in a world with a terrible magic system. The first novel should be completed this year with more to come.

Please note there are some serious spoilers on this site. The biggest spoilers are hidden behind “Enable Spoiler” buttons.

Anyway, as always, thank you for reading, and feel free to poke your head into the Discord server!

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