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Conan Renaud is a stablehand in the tiny hamlet of Norin and that's all he ever wanted to be...Although he would also like to be rich and married to his sweetheart, Lucie, if it can be arranged. His dreams look to be within reach when Din, a Magician, comes to him with a lot of gold, a sinister smile, and a deal: Guide me to Cymaria, the city of kings.

With as much gold as Din offers, Conan takes the deal and immediately regrets it. He finds himself waking up on a horse miles from his home with an over-friendly assassin, a scathing daemon, and a young queen—whom he's supposed to dethrone—standing between him and his happy marriage. Worse yet, Conan discovers a curse inherited from his long-lost family: the strange wind-driven magic and compulsion known as the Obligation.

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Works on Hold

Memory: Memoria Magnus

A millenia ago, Sententia's thousand-year of peace cycle ended and cast the world into the Cataclysm. Five gods laid down their lives to grant humans the ability to use magic, and the armies of humanity sealed away the demons that threatened to consume the world. But the clock ticks on, and the thousand-year cycle is almost at its end once again...

Shay's first memory is of crashing through the roof of Isilee Rosewood's barn. His second memory is of a voice saying, "Find the Memoria Magnus, our last hope." Armed with a unheard-of ability to see the future, Shay and Izzy travel across Sententia to find the Memoria Magnus, save their home, and stop the creation of a dark god.


November. NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. What would you do if you woke up to find your fictional main character in your home? Tabby finds out first-hand when her potentially-insane assassin main character, Lachry, wakes up along with her. Stuck together for the duration of the event, the author and character need to work together to save Lachry's home from a demonic invasion while also trying to solve the riddle of Lachry's existence in the real world. They will also need to survive the most arduous ordeal of them all: a single adult's Thanksgiving dinner with her parents.

Memory: Nevermore

At the eve of the turn of the millenia, Sententia celebrates one thousand years of peace, only to find it interrupted by the sudden appearance of a being called a "demon". Only one person foresaw the event, the mysterious pierot and paradox Gwen the Fool. Gods and humans must work together to defeat their new enemy, but did events really play out as the legends say? It's up to the gods of Time and Memory, Syne and Raven, to find out.